** Applications close 28 June, 2022**

ASSC Early Career Research Grant Guidelines

The Australian Skin and Skin Cancer Research Centre (ASSC) Early Career Grants seek to fund projects that are strategically aligned with the ASSC priorities: to improve the prevention, early detection or treatment of skin cancers or skin diseases. The objectives of this scheme are to:

  • Support early career researchers with high research potential to progress their research careers by funding high-quality research projects and (including pilot projects)
  • Encourage research collaboration between UQ and QIMR Berghofer to accelerate translational outcomes in skin disease and skin cancer research
  • Enhance ASSC member’s competitiveness in bidding for external research funding
  • Provide experience in preparing a grant application for peer review.


Grants will be awarded with a maximum value of $20,000 each.


Funding will follow institutional rules of internal funding. Funds can be spent on personnel (including applicant’s salary), laboratory consumables and external providers when appropriate. All expenses have to be related to the project. This funding cannot attract institutional overheads and cannot be used for travel, information technology or other routine laboratory equipment usually provided by the research group or the institution. Funding for successful applicants will commence July 2022 and end 30 June 2023.


Successful applicant must:

  • Be staff (<10 years of receiving MD or PhD) or student of UQ or QIMR Berghofer (MPhil or PhD, after confirmation of candidature);
  • Be conducting research in the skin and skin cancer field.


  • Appropriate & feasible methods (30%)
  • Significance and innovation (30%)
  • Track record: include all publications (highlight top 5 and why they have been selected), all grants, mentoring, presentations, contribution to discipline (30%)
  • Budget justification (10%)


The recipient must provide a report to the ASSC, outlining an overview of the project, what has been achieved, how the grant has furthered the research potential, any presentations and publications, and any current grant applications, by the grant end date.


The recipient will present at an ASSC Scientific Meeting, held annually.


Acknowledgement of the ASSC funding should be given in any future publications, presentations, advertising material, reports and public announcements, where relevant.  Please use the statement below:

“This research was conducted with the support of the Australian Skin and Skin Cancer Research Centre through the ASSC Enabling Grant Scheme”.

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Successful applicants will be notified by email.