Launch of New Skin Cancer Prevention Targets for Queensland

Queensland is the skin cancer capital of the world. Approximately 2 in 3 Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer before the age of 70, and the number of skin cancers in Queensland is forecast to increase for the next several decades.

The most effective way to prevent skin cancer is by reducing exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation through improved sun protection practices.  

Skin Cancer Prevention Queensland was established to reduce the burden of skin cancer in Queensland through primary prevention. The collaboration has broad-ranging membership including government departments, academic and research sectors, clinicians, public health, and non-government education and patient advocacy organisations.

In 2022, Skin Cancer Prevention Queensland set ambitious targets to reduce skin cancer rates through a multi-strategy approach, aiming to reduce skin cancer incidence by 5% by 2030, and 25% by 2050. These targets are ambitious but are critical to achieve improved health and wellbeing in the Queensland population.

The Skin Cancer Prevention Queensland target-setting report is now available online. The report introduces a plan outlining targeted actions for skin cancer prevention, including three key goals, as well as five associated targets to achieve a reduction in skin cancer incidence.

Goal 1: Increase Queenslanders’ use of sun protection behaviours

  • Sunscreen Target: 50% of Queenslanders (Fitzpatrick skin type 1 – 4) applying daily SPF 30+ sunscreen by 2030
  • Hat-Wearing Target: 50% of Queenslanders (Fitzpatrick skin type 1 – 4) wearing broad-brimmed hats when outside by 2030

Goal 2: Reduce the number of Queenslanders being sunburnt each year

  • Sunburn Target: 20% reduction (in each age group) in the percentage of people reporting being sunburnt in the past year by 2030

Goal 3: Reduce the overall incidence of skin cancers in Queensland

  • 2030 Target: Reduce the incidence of melanoma and keratinocyte cancer by 5%
  • 2050 Target: Reduce the incidence of melanoma and keratinocyte cancer by 25%

The report details the supporting evidence for these targets, and gives specific recommendations for next steps. Skin Cancer Prevention Queensland hopes the report will inspire all of Queensland to come together to achieve these reductions in the incidence of skin cancer.

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