Skin Cancer Prevention Queensland


To reduce skin cancer burden in Queensland through prevention and early detection.


  • To provide a forum to: share research findings to inform skin cancer prevention and early detection policy and program directions;
  • share information regarding policy and programs being developed or implemented by member organisations;
  • identify policy and/or program gaps for priority populations and/or key settings and opportunities to address these;
  • proactively engage with industry partners;
  • enable member organisations to work collaboratively where appropriate to maximise the collective impact of skin cancer prevention and early detection policy and program delivery;
  • embed research or evaluation mechanisms in policy directions and programs delivered by member organisations;
  • communicate evaluation measures and outcomes for policy and program initiatives; and initiate and support advocacy efforts to prioritise investment in skin cancer prevention.

This collaborative has an open membership with current representation from academic and research sectors, clinician focused professional organisations, public health, government departments, non-government organisations, patient support organisations.

Existing members are welcome to invite or seek representation from other organisations that may have an interest in skin cancer prevention and early detection.

It is currently led by Professor Monika Janda and Professor Rachel Neale, and coordinated through the Preventive Health Branch, in the Prevention Division of Queensland Health.

Please direct enquiries to Katrina Crompton (