Brisbane hosts the World Congress of Melanoma 2017

Queensland has the unenviable claim of having the highest incidence of melanoma in the world, with an incidence rate of 73 cases per 100,000 population1.  Therefore it was only fitting that Brisbane, Queensland should host the 9th World Congress of Melanoma together with the Society for Melanoma Research and their 14th International Congress.

More than 1500 delegates, speakers and industry representatives attended the four day joint Congress held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre from October 18-21, 2017.

This was truly an international Congress with almost 60% of delegates attending from more than 50 countries.

Under the leadership of the Congress Presidents, Prof H Peter Soyer, Prof B Mark Smithers and Prof Jeff Dunn, an outstanding scientific program was presented to highlight the latest developments in melanoma and skin cancer diagnosis, treatment and research.  Plenary presentations by world experts included Adele Green, Levi Garraway, Axel Hauschild and Antoni Ribas supported by leading researchers and clinicians in their field.

Congress participants had the opportunity to attend symposia, workshops, free communication sessions and poster presentations on a broad range of topics across the breadth of melanoma and keratinocyte cancers.  More importantly, these Congresses provide the unique opportunity to forge collaborations and partnerships to help advance the progress and improvements in skin cancer research.

By 2021, when the 10th World Congress of Melanoma is held in Venice, Italy, we hope that melanoma and skin cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment will be further advanced and have delivered better outcomes for all patients.

  1. Queensland Cancer Statistics On-Line, 2017. Viertel Cancer Research Centre, Cancer Council Queensland ( Data provided by Queensland Cancer Registry (1982-2014; released January 2017)

Media: Heather Day, Cancer Council Queensland, +617 3634 5306