NHMRC awards over $2.2 million to further melanoma genetics studies

More than $2.2 million in a National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Investigator Grant has been awarded to further studies on melanoma genetics.

Senior Scientist and Head of the Oncogenomics group at the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute, Professor Nick Hayward, will use the award to explore genetic approaches to increase survival and find potential cures for melanoma.

While new targeted and immune therapies can improve prognosis from metastatic melanoma, long-term survival for most patients remains elusive due to drug resistance or failure of the immune system to kill the tumour.

“This research addresses three pillars of cancer research using innovative and cutting edge genetic approaches” Professor Hayward said.                                                                                     

“Specifically, there remains a significant need to improve early detection, better monitor relapse, and develop new treatments, to increase survival and provide cures.”                            

Investigator Grants are awarded to high-performing researchers at all career stages to allow them flexibility to pursue innovative research and to form collaborations without being restricted to a single research project.

This is one of five NHMRC Investigator Grants totalling more than $10.2 million dollars awarded to QIMR Berghofer scientists to further cutting-edge research in their respective fields of cancer, infectious diseases and mental health.

The Investigator grant round is the NHMRC’s largest funding scheme with grants commencing in January 2021.

Media: Melissa Kerr, melissa.kerr@uq.edu.au