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2018 Australian Skin and Skin Cancer Research Centre (ASSC) Award

The Australian Skin and Skin Cancer Research Centre (ASSC) is a multidisciplinary research network that combines the strengths of the respective skin research activities at The University of Queensland (UQ) and the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute (QIMR Berghofer).

The ASSC aims to build on the existing clusters of skin cancer research in Brisbane with a view to establishing this city as an internationally competitive research centre in the fields of skin and skin cancer research, combining strong basic and clinical research.

To date the ASSC has funded over $400,000 in grants, enabling new, collaborative projects between UQ and QIMR Berghofer.

The 2018 ASSC Award aims to invest in one project that focuses on the ASSC priority areas of prevention, early detection and treatment of skin cancer and skin diseases, in order to improve the outcomes for Australians suffering from these diseases.

Funding rules:
Funding will follow institutional rules of internal seed funding. Funds can be spent on personnel, laboratory consumables and external providers when appropriate. All expenses have to be related to the project. This seed funding cannot attract institutional overheads and cannot be used for travel, IT or other routine lab equipment usually provided by the research group or the institution. Projects will be funded for a one year maximum duration. At the end of this period it is expected that the successful team of researchers will prepare a joint application to major national or international competitive funding bodies.

All applications from research team leaders who are part of the ASSC will be considered. Applications must be based on a collaboration between team(s) from UQ and QIMR Berghofer. The funding will be allocated to the applicant’s institutions based on the budget detail. The application can include as many other co-investigators as needed. Preference will be given to applications that include a clinician as an investigator.

The ASSC Award Scheme is now closed for 2018.  Stay tuned to the ASSC News for announcements.

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